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Personal Training Plans

Fellowship Fitness offers a personalized training experience that is individually tailored to reflect your goals. Your training sessions will begin with an initial health assessment to establish your fitness goals. You will be educated and equipped to achieve the best state of health and fitness. You will be taught to perform various strength building and body toning exercises. In addition, you will receive nutritional guidance to help increase the effectiveness of your physical training results. A client profile will also be maintained to track your progress.

5 to 6 Workouts a Week

for 4 Weeks

4 Week Body Makeover

3 Workouts a Week

for 1 Month

Basic Personal Training Plan

2 Workouts a Day for 4 Weeks

Extreme Body Makeover

For information on pricing and general inquiries, give us a call or chat with us right here!

Don't wait another day to be in the best shape of your life!

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